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Hurghada is a tourist city; located on the eastern coast of Read Sea. The chain of medium-height mountains and the desert are situated to the west of the city to add the most impressive effect to all those, who are looking for enjoying the desert activities with its all different shapes like the safari trips on jeeps cars and quad bikes. As it is so exciting activities in a vast desert with a rich nature of colors and curious life. It adds more pleasure to the stay in Hurghada as the tourists spend their time enjoying the nature of the desert riding camels and discovering the life of Bedouins with their traditions and way of life or driving jeep on the soft sand to enjoy watching the dunes while the jeep passes over it feeling the pleasure of adventure. Quads consider being so exciting, too, for everybody. The city is well known so long time ago but the attention to the investment in it has rapidly increased since the English petroleum engineers discovered the richness of it. The star of Hurghada shined so brightly in the field of tourism since 1980’s, as the city is so famous of its fair weather year-round. Hurghada was founded in the early 20th century as a small fishing village. Today, it has become the foremost tourist resort in the governorate of the Red Sea, which is located on the coast of the red sea, and an international center for aquatic sports: windsurfing, sailing, fishing, and swimming, snorkeling and diving. The richness of the underwater life led the whole world, especially, the divers to come to Hurghada to enjoy the sea life in it. The warm waters here are ideal for many activities like diving and swimming all the year as the temperature degrees do not go below 18’c in winter. For this reason, Hurghada welcomes over than one million visitors seeking the charm of the sea. The islands of Hurghada add more charm to the beauty of the sea here to offer more fun and excitement to the life of those who are looking for pleasure. Sea trips to these islands for snorkeling, fishing, or diving are among the activity one can enjoy while visiting these islands. Hurghada extends for about 40 km along the seashore of the red sea. The resort is a destination of tourists coming from all the different corners of the world and is served by the Hurghada International Airport with scheduled passenger traffic to and from Cairo and direct flights to several cities in Europe. The airport has undergone massive renovations to accommodate rising traffic. It attracts the Egyptians as well to come to settle in it. Today, it got 248,000 inhabitants and became the largest city on the coast of the Red Sea.


Florence Arabia Resort

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The project offers you 1100 European style apartments and is a selection of studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. This residential project has many advantages, and attraction elements, which may attract anyone to quickly buy his property in it, and take this place permanent beautiful residence in the Red Sea. The place can be described as a paradise for all the Red Sea lovers.


This beautiful resort is located in one of the famous areas we have in Hurghada_ Dahar, in the district of Arabia between the romantic Arabia and Zahabia resorts.

This project is designed to be built in the Cornish in the district of Arabia to be divided into two main parts: one part directly located in the beach and another located in the other side of the Cornish road.


Phase 1: Prices start from 896.22 USD per square meter
Phase 2: from 1132.07 USD per square meter
Phase 3: from 1358.50 USD per square meter

Phase 1 prices for the average flats:

– Studio: Area 36.7 m2 GROSS from 33016.74 USD
– One bedroom: Area 63.1 m2 GROSS from 56569.41 USD
– Two bedrooms: Area 86.4 m2 GROSS from 77433.41 USD

Phase 2 prices for the average flats:

– Studio: Area …
– One bedroom: Area …
– Two bedrooms: Area …

Phase 3 prices for the average flats:

– Studio: Area …
– One bedroom: Area …
– Two bedrooms: Area …
– Three bedrooms: Area …

Payment schedule:

up to 10% reservation fee
40% less reservation fee on contracts (normally within 10 days)
15% interim payment
15% interim payment
15% interim payment
15% on completion in 15th of may 2011

Project’s delivery date

All of the three phases of the project Khamsin Florence are planned to be delivered by the 15th of May 2011


Tropical gardens.
3 large swimming pools, including children’s section.
Children’s play area.
On site lifeguard.
Restaurant offering various cuisines.
Fully equipped gymnasium.
Café Bar with Internet business centre.
Satellite TV, telephone and internet points to all units.
Laundry service, which also offers rental changeovers (chargeable locally)
Manned 24 hour gated security.
Full maintenance and repair service (chargeable locally)
All facilities are run and managed by developer to maintain quality of service.


10 year builder’s guarantee.
All properties are FREEHOLD.
All properties are completed to European finish.
10 minutes driving from Hurghada airport.
20 minutes driving from El Gouna golf course.
Excellent investment potential

Management and Maintenance:

The maintenance and management of the Florence Arabia Resort will be carried out by the developer itself, ensuring highest level of the quality standards possible.
The annual maintenance fee will be starting from £400 for studios, £500 for one bedroom, £600 for two bedrooms and £700 for three bedrooms apartments.

Facilities covered by the maintenance and management charge:

24hr manned security
Onsite lifeguard (set times through the day)
Cleaning of the swimming Pools
Cleaning of the gardens and public areas
Electricity within public areas
Water supply within the public areas
General maintenance of the public area
2 yearly re-generation / external decoration program
Weekly refuse collection

Facilities that will not be covered by the maintenance and management charge are as follows:
Laundry / maid service (local charge applies)
Café with internet business centre (local charge applies)
Restaurant offering various cuisines (local charge applies)
Supermarket (local charge applies)
Sight seeing tour operator (local charge applies)
Full rental management service (local charge applies)
Taxi service and airport pickups (local charge applies)
Wi-Fi internet connection


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Wonderful apartment located in Dahar area, in Shedwan district with its islands. The panoramic view is eye catching. The property is facing the ShedwanGarden and has a wonderful view over the area with its hotels, discos, and shops. In the same time, the sea view is amazing as it opens the eyes to the wonderful Red Sea. The apartment shares the roof, which opens an overwhelming panorama over the area with its hotels, discos, and shops. In the same time, the sea view is amazing from the roof. While relaxing on your bed, enjoy all these advantages!

The building has a lift and the apartment is half finished

Sea View

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The area location

The apartment is located in the central area of Sekala. This area is provided with all the different kinds of service and entertainment. A number of famous worldwide restaurants are located there like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Hardees, King Burger, and the Italian restaurant Toscanini. In addition, there are also some local restaurants like Felfela, and House Fish.

A number of discos are found too in this area like Calypso, Aqua Fun …etc.

One of the famous characteristics of the area is easiness of making shopping, as there are a number of supermarkets and shops like Abu Ashara supermarket and the souvenir shops, which are widely spread in the place.

CIB, General Societe, HSBC, and the National Bank are among the banks, which are located in this area too.

Some cafes are found in the place like Costa Café and a number of local ones as well.

The apartment location

This apartment is located in Serafy Village, which neighbors a number of famous hotels like Sunrise Holiday to the right hand side and MoonValley, La Guna, Ramoza, Aqua Fun and Roma.

The seaview

The apartment has a fantastic panoramic view over the Red Seawith its islands as the viewer can easily see three of it in the sea. In addition, the apartment has the same beautiful view over all the area around with a big number of neighboring hotels, which are located in a half circle on the Cornish street.

The beach

The apartment has its private beach, which belongs to SerafyVillage. This beach is neighboring the beach of Sunrise Holiday.

The Security

The security service is provided 24 hours.

The Garage

The building is provided with a garage. In addition, the inside street, where the building exists, is quite wide.

The architecture of the apartment

The building was designed to face directly the sea and the apartment has the same advantage. In the same time, the area of the apartment was wisely used to make the panoramic view over the sea and the area wide enough. A big reception and a balcony were designed to give the pleasure of seeing the view. The kitchen was also designed to be open to the big hall to make the most of the apartment area and make the place spacious and well ventilated. The apartment has 140m2 and this area is divided to 3 bedrooms, bathroom, American style kitchen and a big reception. A small area was left to add more ventilation to the apartment and increase the view over the sea.

The payment

The advantage of the apartment way makes it easy to buy as the buyer will give 50% of the total amount and the rest will be paid after finishing is completed. This makes it quite acceptable for it gives a good choice to the buyer to choose the type of finishing he/she likes.


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It is a luxorious apartment located in Magawish distrect in a beautiful villa. The villa is found 5 minutes far from Hurghada airport and at 3 minutes drive from the famous Villages road where you can find discos, international resturants and souvenir shops.

DOM RED SEA: Arabia Building

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Arabia Building

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This residential unit is located in the area of El Dahar and exactly in the district of Arabia. This residential unit has many advantages, and attraction elements, which may attract anyone to buy his property in it, and take this place as his/her holiday property, or his/her permanent residence.

The best location of this property is one of the main factors for its attractions:
  • This building is located in one of the famous areas we have in Hurghada_ Dahar, in the district of Arabia.
  • This project was designed to be built in the Cornish in the district of Arabia.
  • In the same time, the building faces some of the famous and important neighboring buildings like El Salam hospital and Belair hotel.
  • As the building is located in the Cornish of Arabia, its location makes it enjoying the sea view of the Red Sea.
  • For the facing building are not high, the unit has a unique location, which provides a wide range of sea view.
The architecture of the unit makes all the apartments enjoy the sea view: The design of the building is provided with balconies and windows to make the apartments, which are located in the residential floors, enjoy the Red Sea

Hello world!

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